Tax Preparation Services

*Our promise is to always work to save you money on your taxes, or your tax returns are free

We take a forward-looking approach to taxes with the goal of limiting capital gain, income, and estate taxes owed over the long term. We begin with a thorough evaluation of your current tax situation, prepare and file your tax returns, and work with you to design a plan that enhances your investment returns by working to reduce the tax drag on your portfolio. We realize life changes quickly sometimes, so we will update your tax plan for free within the same tax year.

We also believe the cost to file your tax returns should be simple and transparent, which is why we provide every client with a service menu before services are provided. You will never get a surprise invoice from us.

As a client of ours, you and your family will be invited to our schedule of tax, investment and financial planning educational workshops designed to build your foundation and works to provide long-term success.

We utilize encrypted electronic document storage, e-signatures, e-filing, and on-demand tax calculations at no additional cost.

  • Free tax filing if we cannot save you money
  • Current year tax preparation and e-filing
  • Future year tax and investment planning
  • Estate and trust tax preparation
  • Ongoing educational workshops for you and your family
  • Secure digital document exchange, storage, and signatures
  • Tax answers and calculations free of charge

Taxes should be simple. We stand by our motto that "everyone has to pay their fair share of taxes to Uncle Sam, but you don't have to leave him a tip". Whether it is an individual or business return, we are here to simplify the process, provide consistent communication, and produce accurate tax filings in a timely manner. No more spending days preparing your own taxes, enduring the stress of not knowing if a mistake was made. No more going weeks not hearing from your tax preparer. No more having questions throughout the year and not asking them because you don't want to be billed. At Johnson Financial Group, we will never take your patronage for granted.

*LPL Financial and Johnson Financial Group do not provide tax advice. None of the statements or offers listed above are offered through, representative of or affiliated with LPL Financial.